Template:MonsterWyverns are reptilian creatures that inhabit temperate plains and mountaintops. They are capable of flying, but due to their large weight they can only sustain flight for one to two hours. Wyverns have a reputation for being rather stupid.

Ecology Edit

An adult wyvern consumes the equivalent of a man-sized to large creature once per day. This could translate to a horse, pig, or a handful of sheep. Wyverns crush the bones of their prey and do not simply swallow things whole. Wyverns are native to the Rocky Aeden.

Domestication Edit

The only group of people who have managed to somehow domesticate the wyvern are the Wythe people of Adweleric. Their secrets have not been revealed, but are they famous for utilizing the agile and powerful wyverns in battle. An entire class of soldiers exist called the Wyvern Riders who fly around the battlefield flanking the enemy. They are also used for scouting, and are quite effective at it.