Template:MonsterSunraazi are a race of ancient humans who once ruled over Manfer. Their souls have since been tainted by dark magics, their half-wraith souls being the catalyst for their immortality. Their uncanny ability to bend magical energy into a force of utter destruction is known to many. Very few have come into contact with these beings and have lived to tell about it. Despite their aggressiveness, they will allow humans to enter their domain on rare occasions. This can be to fulfill a contract or surrender an ancient artifact in exchange for a favor. Under these conditions, they will never go back on their word. Sunraazi are masters of healing and are sought after by those in dire need of it. They are said to be powerful enough to return a soul from the shadow realm into the physical realm, undo any curse, and even return a soul from the dead (albeit temporarily).

Ecology Edit

The sunraazi require both regular food to satisfy their human side, and souls to satisfy their wraith side. They feed on slaves and those who would trespass on their domain. For regular food, they have a slave-driven system of agriculture which satisfies their needs.

Society Edit

Very little is known about the ranks and hierarchy of the sunraazi. Their highest ranked individual is the Pharaoh, which is the single ruler over all sunraazi. The second and third highest ranks are supreme priest-magicians and regular priest-magicians. Then follow the slaves, which are humans who obey the will of the Pharaoh and their individual masters (usually supreme priest-magicians). Whether or not they are brainwashed into doing so is not known. There is also believed to be an additional class for slaves, called the priest-slaves. They are slaves who are trusted with the divine magics of the sunraazi, and are allowed to practice them freely.

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