Noth is the peculiar god of secrets, dark or obscure places, hidden knowledge, and the act of seeing or hearing that which is not meant to be seen or heard. He is often worshiped by thieves and assassins, despite there being no official affiliation. He is seen as a god of Subterranea, alongside Deluvian.

Worship Edit

The worship of Noth includes bizarre rituals, during which strange things happen. This can be done alone or in a group. It is the only deity with this effect, which has been academically recorded many times and is easily reproduced by making the appropriate sacrifice. This sometimes convinces people to worship the god. He is one of the few gods to exist in almost every culture in some form or another. The worship of the god dates back to primitive times, when man had just learned how to make fire and construct basic tools. Cave paintings often depicted the twin moons, black and red, representing different things at different times. Nothing about this deity is simple or straightforward.