Template:MonsterNarogs are a highly militaristic race of large, fearsome humanoids, capable of using weapons and tools with great proficiency. They are known for raiding small human forts and settlements, leaving few survivors. They live in large, forested areas, but also mountains and plains of a temperate climate. They tend to use primitive spears, spiked clubs, kunais and various types of axes for weapons. Narog tribes are numerous and often vie for control over inconsequential territory.

Narogs have poor temperaments and are given to anger very easily. Easily offended and impatient, they generally prefer violent solutions and rarely consider multiple ways of approaching a problem.

They are highly disciplined warriors and have their own standards and banners which they display prominently.

Description Edit

In general, narogs resemble primitive humans with gray-green skin, red eyes and hair and a set of horns protruding from the back of their heads

Society Edit

Narogs band together in tribes and survive by hunting and raiding. Most narogs are part of a confederation of tribes, loosely held together by a despotic chieftain.

Homelands Edit

Narogs can be found in many parts of the world, though some areas have a higher concentration than others. Marauding bands of narogs are most commonly spotted around the Ahura Mountains and Farah Mountains of northern Manfer.

Language Edit

There is no common standard of Narog, so the language has many dialects which vary from tribe to tribe.