Built-in namespaces have constants defined for them. For example, NS_MAIN is defined as 0 (the main article namespace).

Value Name Constant
0 Main NS_MAIN 
1 Talk NS_TALK
2 User NS_USER
3 User talk NS_USER_TALK
4 Project NS_PROJECT
5 Project talk NS_PROJECT_TALK
6 File NS_FILE
7 File talk NS_FILE_TALK
9 MediaWiki talk NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK
10 Template NS_TEMPLATE
11 Template talk NS_TEMPLATE_TALK
12 Help NS_HELP
13 Help talk NS_HELP_TALK
14 Category NS_CATEGORY
15 Category talk NS_CATEGORY_TALK
-1 Special NS_SPECIAL
-2 Media NS_MEDIA

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