Namespaces: Manual:$wgContentNamespaces
Namespaces which are considered to contain real content, or articles
Introduced in version: 1.7.0 (r14738)
Removed in version: still in use
Allowed values: Array of namespace indexes
Default value: array( NS_MAIN )

Other settings: Alphabetical | By Function

Details Edit

$wgContentNamespaces exists to allow custom namespaces to be acknowledged as containing useful content for the purpose of Special:Random, Special:Statistics, and {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}.  Useful if additional namespaces also contain "content" which should be considered when choosing a random page or generating a count of the number of articles in the wiki. It also serves as the default for $wgExemptFromUserRobotsControl, which means that __NOINDEX__ and __NOFOLLOW__ magic words won't work in these namespaces.

The main namespace is considered a content namespace, as are other namespaces in this array, referenced by index.


$wgContentNamespaces = array( 0, 12, 112 );


$wgContentNamespaces = array( NS_MAIN, NS_HELP, NS_PROJECT, NS_CUSTOMNAMESPACE );

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