The Manferian Calendar is the calendar used throughout most of the world. It is split into twelve months, each lasting thirty days, bringing the total number of days to 360.

Months Edit

The names of the months are as follows:

  • Early Star (The start of the new year. Month of feasts.)
  • Fire Festival (Month of fire and big celebrations.)
  • Leafseason (Month of agriculture and strong winds.)
  • Aserra's Touch (Month of relaxation, baths and beauty, as well as continued agriculture. It is also the first month associated with purity of mind and soul, followed by Four Heavens.)
  • Four Heavens (Month of religious activities, and the far past. It is also the second month associated with purity of mind and soul, preceded by Aserra's Touch.)
  • Suncall (Month of contracts and hard work.)
  • Mithra (Month of scholars, tournaments and royalty.)
  • Guardian (Month of warriors, manhood and the coming of age.)
  • Blackmoon (Month of magicians.)
  • Argos (Month of water and the cleansing of spirits. This month is associated with monster slayers.)
  • Hearth (Month of storytelling, sleep and comfort.)
  • Late Star (Transition to a new year. Month of groundbreaking achievements and the crowning of new kings.)

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