Sphere Moon
Rarity Uncommon
Quality Strong Poison, Weak Remedy
A malodorous scent defines Hemlock before you see the erect plant with a smooth woody stalk and feathery brush-like leaves, and tiny white flowers. Commoners use this plant's juices, highly diluted in salves or mixed in wine, as an analgesic and sedative, knowing full well that its full-strength juice is an intense poison. Esoteric uses for the herb fall under the darker magics, as befits its virulence.

Hemlock must be harvested at night and the whole plant -- leaves, flowers or berries, roots and stems -- must be mashed into pulp and crushed to drain the juices. Hemlock juice exposed to sunlight evaporates quickly, so it is rarely used directly but is a main ingredient in many oil-based poisons. The only use for the plant remnants after removing the juice is as dried spell components for many necromancy spells.

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