Template:MonsterHarpies are winged hybrids with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of an eagle. In place of arms, they have large wings that allow them to travel at great speeds. All harpies are female, and they have to mate with human males in order to reproduce. They lay eggs which hatch after six months. They only inhabit warm mountaintops.

Ecology Edit

Harpies eat small animals such as sheep, dogs, rabbits and chickens. They carry their prey off to their nests where they are devoured voraciously piece by piece.

Society Edit

Harpies live in small, clan-based communities. The head of these communities is called a matriarch. They are a social species, but prefer to hunt alone. When a creature invades their habitat, they will team up to scare it away. Harpies are somewhat cowardly by themselves.

They are very capable of speech, and have the mental capacity to learn a language and interact with humans. Despite this, very few harpies can actually speak.

There have been tales of humans and harpies falling in love, which is unapproved in both societies. The offspring of these relations is said to be more powerful, and they can even give birth to males. This has not been proven, and is likely false.

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