The Heartlands Edit

Republic of Romaire
Romaire is a wealthy nation of thinkers and traders, as well as genius strategists. Their famous rivalry with Temperia has often resulted in serious conflicts breaking out between the two factions. Romaire is geographically known for its warm climate and rocky terrain.

Kingdom of Temperia
Temperia is a land that has always been historically contested by other factions. They are famous for producing great equipment and having skilled warriors and tacticians alike. Their martial culture is uncontested in the region, and they are considered the most powerful faction alongside Romaire and Lucia.

Grand Principality of Lucia and Outskirts
Lucia was once the single most powerful faction in the region, reaching as far as Albia and Estria. And while King Alec’s war for Temperian independence took place a really long time ago, the rivalry between the two factions has been around for just as long. Lucia is now a moderately wealthy nation that tries to compete with Romaire and Temperia at all fronts.

Kingdom of Halara
Halara is less a kingdom and more a collection of scattered half-elven communities. They practice the elective monarchy system of government, meaning they elect a king every time their current one dies. Temperia has good relations with Halara, even though they tried a war of conquest only a few years back. Halarans follow the El’Kal religion that is so popular amongst the ‘civilised’ elves.

Hegemony of Agnom and Kanae
Two powerful city-states that were united by King Ranurand a few decades back. It is now a powerful kingdom that poses a potential threat to its neighbour, the Rainlands. Read Codex: King Ranurand and Queen Qarumiil for more information.

Kingdom of Escaia
Escaia is a proud and fiercely independent kingdom that has been resisting outside forces for the last few decades. Escaians are known for being great cavaliers like their cousins, the Barnese.

The Rainlands Edit

Kingdom of the Rainlands
An extremely wealthy, grandiose faction situated at the heart of the Rainland region. They control the majority of it, and whatever they don't control they vassalise or influence in one way or another.

Grand City of Verolivia
Once described as ‘the second Romaire’, or ‘Romaire of the east’, it was a city of mass wealth and grandiose aristocracy. It has since been reduced to a shell of its former self with the rise of the Rainlander kingdom. It is now a vassal of the Rainlands with little independence in political matters.

Kingdom of Renmark
Often described as a petty kingdom, it is situated near the Reunsois mountains, just north of Verolivia. Its leadership is highly corrupt and often seizes power in the most tyrannical ways.