Elven is the universal language of the elves.

A few words in Elven:

Akái'ye Edit

"our thing" (may refer to language, nation, ethnicity etc.)

Ákma Edit


Ógha Edit


Áu Edit

"faith", "belief"

Wóta Edit

"tree" (plural: Wóte)

Háht Edit

"mother" (plural: Háhte)

Sóye Edit

"land" (physical)

Yúna Edit

"land" (titular)

Asánu Edit


Pyó Edit

"before", "above", "greater than"

Góa Edit


Téni Edit

"ancestor" (plural: Teniótaa)

Vuyadáka Edit

"wolf" (plural: Vuyadáke)

Yól Edit


Kái Edit

"vampire" (plural: Káiye)

Síko Edit


Aápi Edit

"white", "pale"

Mámi Edit


Yoási/Yoáshi Edit

"spirit", "living thing"

Kokováyo Edit


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