Dagon is the supreme god of the seas, incredibly powerful and influential in almost every culture. His influence only rivals that of Ekhidna, the two of which share a long and complicated relationship. He is famously depicted as a giant octopus, wrapping his tentacles around the mortal world. He is seen as a great manipulator of events and instigator of conflicts and disasters. Travelers by sea are sure to pay their tribute to him, and the preachings of his clerics are built upon the terrible fate that will befall any who do not bring a sacrifice to Dagon.

Worship Edit

Dagon's worshipers are mostly made up of sailors, coastal dwellers, islanders, fishermen, and sea merchants. Most communities worship him out of fear or awe. The Church of Dagon is disorganized, and different locales vary significatively in the way they practice faith in the god. Dagonite clerics can walk unmolested in almost every port, and they are always welcomed aboard ships in hopes that their presence appeases the furious god.

Relationships Edit

Dagon has a long and complicated relationship with the goddess Ekhidna. The two are often depicted as a couple, other times as rivals or just friends. There was believed to be a time when the two combined their powers to dominate the world, bringing about an age of darkness. This mythical time has long been forgotten by man.

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