The continuous integration server is a dedicated machine (gallium) that uses Jenkins to control and execute various test builds.

All tools are reachable from its homepage:

We have tutorials for adding new checks and extensions.

In addition, an external Jenkins service at CloudBees regularly runs WMF browser tests across multiple browsers at Sauce Labs

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Rationale Edit

In order to improve the development process, it was proposed to consolidate a platform to run automated tests systematically at pre-commit or post-commit time.

These tests aim to check that the master branch of our repositories in git remain in an (almost) constantly deployable state. This project also relates to the will to have more frequent code deployments, as continuous integration will give us more confidence in new code if it already passed the automated tests.

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Sub-pages of Continuous Integration:

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  • the Beta cluster is constantly updated with the latest code from git master for MediaWiki core and many extensions.