Bala is the goddess of physical might and righteous rule over subjects. Other associations include law, nobility, familial ties, and tournaments. She is viewed as a harsh but fair goddess, revered by many rulers, soldiers and powerful magicians. Almost everyone in a position of power pays tribute to her in some way. She has inspired a large number of military conquests and political shifts, which is sometimes a point of criticism against the goddess. Her worshipers believe that life cannot function without revolution, the endless cycle of destruction and creation that reinvigorates the world.

Worship Edit

The majority of Bala's worshipers are soldiers, mercenaries, and nobles with an interest in martial affairs. Her worshipers are seen as somewhat overzealous, with an incessant need to mention Bala in just about every scenario.

Relationships Edit

The relationship between Bala and Mander is unclear. In some stories, she is the mother of Mander, in others she is a wife or concubine. A more recent belief is that the two are siblings, and share some of their power and influence.

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