Azarelian is the god of knowledge, wisdom, and the magical corpus. He is the patron of scribes and academics, and is even worshiped by some tribal folk as a god of wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

According to legend, Azarelian was a magician from eons past whose knowledge of the world became so prolific that he could no longer remain a mortal. Whether this is true or not has yet to be seen.

Worship Edit

Azarelian can be worshiped as a normal deity, in the normal ways; but partaking in intense studies and discovering new truths is a form of worship in itself according to his more staunch followers. So much as increasing your own perception and understanding of your surroundings can win you favor with the god.

Ancestor God Edit

Azarelian's civilized followers see him as the patron of the civilized and a god of inventions and sciences, but there seems to be more to the deity than meets the eye. Azarelian exists in almost every tribal tradition as a god of ancestry and personal enlightenment. This two-sided nature has resulted in some verbal conflicts and misunderstandings between the two types of worshipers of this deity. Whether he affiliates more with one side than the other is still a point of debate.