Alchemy is the mixing of common and uncommon substances with the end result of creating useful formulae. It was a chaotic science for centuries, filled with rumors and misinformation; until Valkeus streamlined it, establishing the hierarchy of substances and four bases in his magnum opus The Great Book of Alchemy.

Basic Substances:
Alum, Antimony, Aqua Fortis, Aqua Regia, Aqua Vitae, Baul, Beeswax, Druid's Water, Lime Dust, Nitre, Phosphorus, Quicksilver Solution, Rock Salts, Sulfur, Toxin, Turpentine, Vermilion, Vinegar, Vitriol

Advanced Substances:
Bonemeal, Dwarven Oil, Lead Solution, Marsh Vapor, Orpiment, Pyrite, Realgar, Rust Solution, Smelling Salts, Troll Fat

Rare Substances:
Barnabus, Heart Salts, Ectoplasm, Ether Oil, Night Dust, Opium, Sabodel's Acid

Bases: Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguine.

Herbs are also used in some recipes to great effect.

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